Lead Abatement

FCS provides Hazard Analysis and total Abatement Services for paints containing Lead, PCB and Mercury. We employ highly trained Safety Engineers to address each type of hazard. FCS is the leading provider of such services in the New York / Metropolitan area. Our team of industry professionals utilizes state of the art techniques that meet or exceed all Local, State and OSHA Safety requirements.

Through extensive experience, trained FCS professionals possess the vital abatement skills needed to detect hazards, assess potential risks and remediate the environment.

FCS will also implement abatement plans for owners and operators of various types of facilities that are cost effective and efficient.

With FCS, we support your abatement process with:

  • Fully Trained Personnel
    • NY Lead Awareness Training
    • SSPC Lead Supervisory Training
    • RCRA
    • NJ Certified Lead Abatement Supervisors
    • NJ Certified Lead Abatement Workers
  • Complete Bonding Capability
  • Certified Coating Inspectors
  • Procedures that Meet or Exceed EPA & OSHA Requirements
  • State of the Art Technology and Equipment
  • Experience with all forms of Lead Abatement Procedures
    • Vacuum Blasting
    • Mechanical Abrasion
    • Chemical Strip
    • Encapsulation
    • Removal/Replacement
    • Sponge Blasting

Clients / Projects include:

  • Power Plants - Con Edison, Keyspan, PSEG, NYPA
  • Water and Waste Water Facilities - NYC DEP
  • Transportation Facilities - NYCTA, Metro-North, Port Authority