Intumescent Fireproofing

FCS has quickly become the contractor of choice for Intumescent Fireproofing regardless of the application. Our team of industry professionals has extensive experience as the largest applicators in the Northeast. As a certified installer of the numerous Intumescent brands, FCS is able to effectively and knowledgably service all fireproofing projects, regardless of size and location.

What is Intumescent Fire Proofing?

Unlike boarding and spray solutions, Intumescent coatings enable designers to use the structure as an integral part of the aesthetic design of a building. In addition, the advanced ‘thin film high solids’ technology of these coatings provides maximum protection, while taking up the minimum amount of space. Intumescent coatings provide an appearance similar to that of a paint finish, and remain stable at ambient temperatures. However, in a fire situation the increase in temperature causes a chemical reaction, and the Intumescent coating expands to several times its original thickness. This provides an insulating foam-like coating which protects the substrate.

We are the Approved Applicator of all of the major manufacturers in the US.